Offshore Prices Without the Offshore Headaches

With PODS–Provisions Onshore Development Solution–we pair rising-star developers from Nashville with our own senior-level engineers for the easiest way to give you offshore prices with the quality of a local team.


Finding quality, affordable developers shouldn't be this hard.

We get it. Developers are cheaper overseas. And because you have to do more work with less people, outsourcing to offshore development sounds enticing.

But at what cost? Offshore has significant drawbacks:

  1. Time zones and language barriers make communication difficult
  2. Poor quality leads to broken code and time-consuming reviews
  3. The community loses job opportunities

How much do you really save if most of your time is spent managing poor communication and fixing bad code?

Is the wasted time worth the potential savings?

We think there's a better way.


Introducing PODS

Provisions Onshore Development Solution


With one POD, you get offshore-level cost savings with the benefits of local communication and production-ready code.

Located in Nashville, here's what you get in each POD:

  1. You get an onshore team of motivated developers uniquely assembled for your project.
  2. You get an onshore subject matter expert to ensure quality and leadership.
  3. You get onshore project management to oversee time, scope, and budget.

Local Developers

Work with the brightest up-and-coming minds


Quality Review

Quality standards overseen by one of our senior engineers

Low-Touch Project Management

Project management that doesn't waste your time



Hire eligible team members directly from your POD

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Bring jobs to Virginia.

We mentor up-and-coming talent.
You hire proven value.

Winning at work shouldn't come at the expense of investing in the community.

Because we believe deeply in the value creating local job opportunities, we've made it drop-dead simple to hire developers directly from your POD. Think of it as "kick the tires" hiring. We incubate the talent. You get a risk-free look at potential hires.

If you're passionate about providing job opportunities in Virginia, we want to help you build a smarter company faster and more reliably.


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